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Sari Harrar
ISBN # : 9781579549121
Publisher: Rodale
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Sweet Solutions to your health problem!

have you been Plagued by Hard to diagnose health problems? You know your symptoms are real, but even your doctor cannot figure out whats causing them?

If you:
- Cannot lose weight no matter how hard you try
- Feel depressed for no reason, even though you are normally a happy person
- Arent sleeping well as you need to
- Feel Sluggish all the time
- suddenly donot see things in sharp focus
- Have become forgetful and find that your mind tends to wander

It's not all in your head- it's in your blood sugar! Scientists now know that your blod sugar imbalances are also the hidden cause of a host of hard to diagnose symptoms, even in nondiabetics.

This book provides a proven three pronged approach to blood sugar balancing.....

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