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Laurence Gardner
ISBN # : 9780007142965
Publisher: Element
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The Ark of the Covenant is the source of one of the deepest mysteries of the Western world. Laurence Gardner has accessed Rosicrucian archives to reveal where the Ark is, what it is and how this lost secret of the distant past has led to the phenomenal new science of space-time manipulation.

About the Author
Laurence Gardner, a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries, is a constitutional historian, international lecturer and broadcaster. Distinguished in Europe as the Chevalier de St. Germain, he is Presidential Attach to the European Council of Princes and the appointed Jacobite Historiographer Royal. In Scotland he is Prior of the Sacred Kindred of Saint Columba and Preceptor of the Knights Templars of St. Anthony.

In the artistic domain, Sir Laurence has been Conservation Consultant to the Fine Art Trade Guild, while in the world of music and the performing arts, his libretto compositions have been performed at Londons Royal Opera House, Covent Garden. His writing career has included collaborative projects with national institutions such as the British Tourist Authority, the Government of Ontario and the Russian Ministry of Culture.

In the popular literary world of revisionist history, Laurence is a UK Top-10 and internationally bestselling author, with national press serialization and acclaimed works in many languages. His books include Bloodline of the Holy Grail, Realm of the Ring Lords, Genesis of the Grail Kings and the forthcoming Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark.

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