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Arlene Weintraub
ISBN # : 9780465017218
Publisher: Basic Books
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The beauty industrywhich once revolved around creams and powders, subtle agents to enhance beautyhas become the anti-aging industry, overrun with steroids, human growth hormone injections, and bio-identical hormonesall promoted as cures for getting old. Acclaimed BusinessWeek science reporter Arlene Weintraub takes us inside this world, from the marketing departments of huge pharmaceutical companies to the backroom of your local pharmacy, from celebrity enthusiasts like Suzanne Somers and Oprah to the self-medicating doctors who run chains of rejuvenation centers, all claiming that we deserve to be forever youngand promising to show us how.

Weintraub reveals the shady practices that run rampant when junk science and dubious marketing meet consumer choice. She shows for the remarkable economic and cultural impact of anti-aging medicine, on the patients who partake and on the rest of us. Its not a pretty story, but Weintraub tells us everything we need to know to avoid being duped by this billion-dollarand dangeroushoax.
About the Author
Arlene Weintraub has over fifteen years of experience writing about health care, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology. As a reporter for BusinessWeek, she explores both the science and business of health. She lives in New York City.

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