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Oriana Fallaci
ISBN # : N/A
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group
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Saved from execution through the intervention of world leaders, Allesandro Panagoulis, an implacable Greek freedom fighter, endures years of imprisionment and torture before regaining his freedom and resuming his war against corrupt government leaders

From Amazon reviews:

This book is much more than just a book. It is a true story that had to be told, and most importantly has to be read. The more it is read, the more it achieves its purpose. It is not there to entertain you, so don't bother if you are looking for a nice bed-time story. If you are one of those who think individually and alternatively, this piece of writing will shake you and probably make you very very angry. But don't forget: this is a story that happens all the time, in different parts of the world, with different settings, locations and names, but always with the same bottom-line meaning. This time the setting is Greece in 1968, just a year after the Colonels' coup d'etat and the establishment of military junta in the country for seven sorry years. The character is Alecos Panagoulis, the man who under no political label, no party protection and generally acting on his own, unsuccessfully attempted to kill the dictator. The message of the story is not so much the unfair punishment and the horrible years in prison of the hero, but his heroic aloneness after he is out trying to make sense of the meaning of the sacrifice. For somebody who suffered five years of solitary confinement in a tomb-like prison cell and intense physical and psychological torture, it is hell to realize that even after "democracy" resumes, it is the same people who put him to jail, who crippled the name of freedom for seven years, the people who rule now and for ever. The realization that the fight never ends is what makes a hero. And don't be thinking of Che Guevara and the like. Alecos was no stereotypical hero. He had no party under him, he organized no guerrilla fights. When you read him, all the comparisons in your head will fade away and Alecos will emerge exactly the way he was: his own person. And a final remark. We, the readers of this book, should never forget how lucky we are that we get this story first hand, from somebody who was there and able to feel the power of Aleco's reality more than anyone. Oriana Fallaci met him just after he came out of prison, and since then they were together, companion souls, until his death, and I am sure long after that too. Judging from her own life (I am not going to talk about her life here, you can look that one up. It is the book I am reviewing) , she has extensive experiences in similar settings and situations, so she is the most qualified to talk about them. Her love for him is of course the first qualifier.

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