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Paul McGeough
ISBN # : 9781595583253
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A leading international correspondent reconstructs the pivotal moment in the rise of Hamasa page-turning narrative reminiscent of The Day of the Jackal. "[It was] all very James Bond. One country needs the antidote held by another, to treat an illness it doesn't understand. The clock's the king calls the White House."Robert Malley, former senior Clinton administration adviser

Little public notice was taken of a 1997 attempt on the life of the Hamas leader Khalid Mishal by Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agencyeven though the audacious hit took place in broad daylight in the streets of Amman, and even though the bungled poisoning immediately set into motion a flurry of international diplomacy, culminating in the direct intervention of then-U.S. President Bill Clinton.

A series of tense, high-level negotiations saved Mishal's life, as the Israelis reluctantly handed over the antidote. But Hamas was saved as well. With his new lease on life, Khalid Mishal becameand remainsthe architect of the Hamas organization's phenomenal ascendancy in the intervening decade. Mishal orchestrated the deadly bombings on targets in Israel and, from his bunker in exile in the Syrian capital of Damascus, continues to pull in donations and support from the Islamic world while directing Hamas's vital social welfare programs.

In a headlong narrativewith high-speed car chases, negotiated prisoner exchanges, and an international scandal that threatened to destabilize the entire regionacclaimed reporter Paul McGeough uses unprecedented, extensive interviews with Khalid Mishal himself and the key players in Amman, Jerusalem, and Washington to tell the definitive, inside story

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