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Donya Al-Nahi
ISBN # : 9781843580904
Publisher: Metrobooks
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When Donya Al-Nahi helped her friend reunite with her kidnapped child, she embarked upon a calling that was to help hundreds of women in the same situation. These women's children are not taken by a strangerthey are snatched by their own fathers, usually Middle Eastern men who do not wish their children to be exposed to a Western upbringing, and so take the children back to the countries of origin. What started as a favor to a friend has turned into a life's work for Al-Nahi. In this book, she describes her adventures, venturing into the most dangerous parts of the world, such as Iraq, Libya and Dubai, in order to find the children and bring them home to their mothers. She has been arrested and thrown in jail, but this has not dampened her determination to do the right thing and reunite mother and child.

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