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General V.P. Malik
ISBN # : 9788172236359
Publisher: HarperCollins
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An incisive and hard-hitting narrative that reveals the behind-the-scenes activities affecting the Kargil war.

In the garb of jehadi militants, Pakistan Army personnel infiltrated into the Indian Territory of Kargil and triggered off a limited conventional war between the world s newest nuclear weapon states.The Pakistan Army achieved a tactical surprise but failed at the strategic level. The outbreak of war in Kargil also revealed that Pakistani political leadership was out of synch with the thinking and planning of its military brass. The author seeks to analyse the reasoning behind the Pakistani Army s strategy and tactics and also focuses on the people responsible.

This volume seeks to answer questions such as: What was the rationale for India s grand strategy of restraint despite being a victim of aggression? How was the war managed? How were battles planned, and executed, to recapture the strategically important high altitude mountaintops?...
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