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Robert Uhlig
ISBN # : 9780007320677
Publisher: Collins Willow
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Over the last 500 years, life has been steadily transformed by the inventions of British scientists, and their landmark discoveries have revealed the astonishing beauty of the universe. This is the story of the flashes of inspiration experienced by generations of scientists as they realized they were about to change the world. Every one of them has a unique and very human story, with relationships between them ranging from lifelong collaboration to bitter rivalry. Some had vast fortunes, while others overcame poverty and a lack of education to become towering figures in the history of science. The impact of this small cast of characters is remarkable. Vaccinations and the discovery of penicillin saved the lives of millions while the electric motor, the telephone, and the personal computer created the technological age, and the theories of the Big Bang, evolution, and gravity have shed light on some of the deepest mysteries of our existence. Intertwining the personal reflections of three of today's greatest British scientists with a compelling narrative, the result is a journey of scientific inspiration that does justice to Britain's exceptional contribution to science.

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