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Annie Dalton
ISBN # : 9780007204755
Publisher: HarperCollins
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Mel has been teamed up for her new assignment in the 19th century with her best friend Lolaand her worst enemy Brice! But tensions are put aside as they all witness a scene in the Australian outback, where an old convict lies dying, burdened with a terrible secret. Then suddenly they are transported to Victorian London, and Jack the Ripper is on the prowl. Foggy streets, gin shops, and smelly workhousesMel's really got her work cut out for her this time. The angels' new mission is to watch over little Georgie and his sister Charlotte; the siblings are caught up in poverty and being duped by a wicked uncle with an eye on their inheritance. Could the old convict they saw be the key to saving Georgie and his family from ruin? As if that weren't enough, working with Brice is getting harder for Mel because there's something more than friendship developing between him and Lola.

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