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Adeel Zeerak
ISBN # : 9781477517109
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One of the largest and fastest-growing religions, Islam is currently practiced by approximately one-fifth of the world's population. Unlike most religions that only consist of acts of worship, rituals, and a set of beliefs, it also offers a just socio-politico-economic system, which is especially important today as we continue to make significant material and scientific progress. However, although it presents real solutions to problems faced by the whole of mankind, factors such as worldwide media propaganda and the current condition of the Muslim community have seriously distorted the public image of Islam. Adeel Zeerak hopes that his book Islam: A Superior System of Life will help change all that.He says that after careful study, even those with non-Muslim unprejudiced minds will appreciate the beauty of his religion's teachings. To prove the superiority of Islamic system over other systems, he provides concrete data obtained from authentic sources and refrains from using boastful or exaggerative language. Chapters in Islam: A Superior System of Life include: This is Islam Characteristics of the Islamic System Spiritual System Social System Economic System Political System The Prophet, peace be upon him, the Message, and the Ummah "Despite commendable progress in the field of science and technology, this world is full of evil, exploitation, and injustice," says Zeerak, who believes any effort to find a solution to our problems continually fails because we choose to ignore the light of Divine Guidance. We all know what happened to prophet Noah's people when they rejected this guidance, but we, thankfully, still exist in this world to follow our Lord and accept Islam. Written for the Muslim and non-Muslim, Islam: A Superior System of Life is for readers interested in Islam, the prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the Islamic view of women, the concept of Khilafat, Islamic finance, Islamic spirituality, and Islamic history. The author promises that our obedience to Allah, subhanahu wa-ta'ala, will result in endless favors and blessings both in this world and the hereafter

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