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Michael Hammer
ISBN # : 9781861975188
Publisher: Profile Books
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In 1990 Michael Hammer introduced the world to reengineeringand set in motion a series of events that has transformed the business worldbeyond recognition. What began as an effort to improve performance has ledto a complete rethinking of all aspects of business, from the jobs thatpeople have, to the ways in which companies are structured.
In BeyondReengineering, Hammer offers powerful insights into the consequencesof the reengineering revolution and how they are changing our work and ourlives. To succeed -- or even to survive -- in today's global economy, companiesmust refocus and reorganize themselves around their processes: the end-to-endsequence of tasks that creates customer value. This change, so easily described, in fact marks the end of the Industrial Revolution and of the organizationsthat were designed for it. In this groundbreaking work, Hammer, co-authorof the bestselling Reengineering the Corporation, mines the experiences of individuals and organizations that have alreadymade this transition to offer a compelling vision of an imminent future.
Beyond Reengineering provides more than a preview of tomorrow's businesses.It also offers an understanding of what we must all do to prepare ourselvesand our children for an economy in which all the familiar rules have beenbroken. It is required reading for executives and frontline workers, forstudents and investors, for everyone who wants to be prepared for the newworld that is at our doorstep.

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