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Judy Blume
ISBN # : 9780330398169
Publisher: Macmillan
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Nothing is simple for twelve-year-old Peter Hatcher. And nothing drives him up the wall quicker than the off-the-wall antics of his little brother, Farley Drexel Hatcher - otherwise known as Fudge. Calling his new kindergarten teacher 'Rat Face' or wanting to be a bird when he grows up - Fudge hasn't changed a bit since his escapades in Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. According to Peter, Fudge is still the biggest pain ever invented.

And now, as if Fudge weren't trouble enough, there's a new baby on the way and the family is moving to Princeton for a year. Can Peter survive a year away from Sheila Tubman, Jimmy Fargo, and his favorite rock in Central Park? Could anyone survive having the irrepressible Fudge as a brother and a schoolmate? Maybe Superman could - but then, Superman never met Fudge!

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