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Life Time
ISBN # : 9780705416214
Publisher: N/A
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Umer Ansari

An ancient book from 1994, I don\\\'t understand why the readers club does not update their obsolete nonfiction content. Basically science improves everyday and so we need latest books for this genre. It\\\'s an average book, good for those who have never researched about memory. For me personally its a 2 because I have read a lot on memory and it was a bit repetitive,but for such a person who has never read about memoryit might be a 3. The book refers to are memory ofcourse chapter 1 telling what are memory actually is and can do. It also tells you unbelievable facts. My favourite was that memory is unlimited and you only have to steer,practice and harness your gift. It refers to how we memorize things. Short term and long term memory etc. Chapter 2 is memory tricks with a lot of tips and techniques to remember names and dates , also looking on memory methods used by other people. Chapter 3 is basically why we forget and how not to forget. It\\\'s not that legnthy with 140 pages including huge pictures.

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