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Katherine Roberts
ISBN # : 978903434673
Publisher: N/A
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When the Singer Rialle disappears in suspicious circumstances and a pirate force kidnaps a young novice, the Singers suspect the return of their old enemy. Frazhin the evil sorcerer has returned and is hiding deep in the Quetzal forest. From here, he plans his revenge on the Singers of the Echorium, to obliterate them from the memories of all, both humans and half-creatures, replacing them with a history and dynasty of his own creation. He has already enslaved the half-creatures to do his bidding and has discovered the whereabouts of his dark Princess and the existence of a daughter, Kyarra, both hidden on the Isle of Echoes. As soon as his pirates return he will have everything within his grasp. But one of his half-creatures breaks free, a handsome half-boy, half-bird known as the Dark Quetzal. He files across the Seas to join forces with the Singers and together they battle to save the world from the power of darkness, once and for all. Unexpected help comes from some wonderful old friends of The Echorium Sequence - and Kyarra, a brave and spirited girl who in the end must face the dark forces led by her own father. Dark Quetzal is set 11 years after the events of Crystal Mask and is the final thrilling adventure in The Echorium Sequence, the epic saga that begun with the award-winning Song Quest.

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