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Shahrukh Hussain
ISBN # : 9789382616115
Publisher: Picador
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Zara Hamilton leads an apparently charmed life as a human rights lawyer in London - but she is haunted by questions about her past. Why did her mother disappear? What made her college sweetheart, the Maharaja of Trivikrampur, abandon her? Why did her husband renege on a plan to return to her native India? And why has she avoided visiting her much-loved family home in Qila, Trivikrampur? After ten years as a Muslim in Britain, bereft of a homeland, Zara finally seeks the answers. When she returns to Qila, her world is shatteringly different, her aristocratic family mired in complications and far-right politics on the rise. Amid the unrest of a changing nation, Zara seeks the key to her mother's secret as contemporary resentments clash with a harmonious past.

A Restless Wind describes the position of rajas of the princely states of India amidst the flux of a transforming nation. Intertwining memory with contemporary events, it evokes a beautiful past and a troubled present, providing a vivid and intense read.

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