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Vivek Dehejia
ISBN # : 9788184001211
Publisher: Vintage
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Why does the stock exchange dip during a lunar eclipse? why don't cars with safety features lead to fewer injuries? why did Nehru ignore the Chinese threat in the lead-up to the 1962 war? why is it that a stranger might risk his life to save yours on one day and a street full of passers-by might casually watch you bleed to death on another? why did pollsters wrongly predict a bjp victory in 2004 and what was the real reason for their defeat and why is India's independence day not, in fact, on the day on which it's celebrated? in pithy, sparkling, bite-sized chapters, economists Vivek Dehejia and Rupa Subramanya tackle these seeming mysteries and unearth the real reasons why 'we are like this only'. The answers are entertaining and surprising at every turn and reveal a picture of modern india as never seen before.

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