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Richmal Crompton
ISBN # : 9780333358504
Publisher: Macmillan
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Just William is the first book of children's short stories about the young school boy William Brown, written by Richmal Crompton, and published in 1922. The book was the first in the series of William Brown books which was the basis for numerous television series, films and radio adaptations. Just William is also sometimes used as a title for the series of books as a whole, and is also the name of various television, film and radio adaptations of the books. The William stories first appeared in Home magazine and Happy Mag. The book contains the following short stories: William Brown is an eleven-year-old boy, eternally scruffy and frowning. William and his friends, Douglas, Henry and Ginger, call themselves the Outlaws, and meet at the old barn in Farmer Jenks' field. The Outlaws are sworn enemies of the Hubert Laneites, with whom they frequently clash. William's family, his elder red-gold haired sister Ethel and brother Robert, placid mother and stern father, and never-ending supply...

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