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Hina Shamsi
ISBN # : 9789697868643
Publisher: Auraq Publications
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A quick-witted satire for anyone who has struggled with weight-loss issues only to realize that the journey is filled with many failed diets and cravings. Zoie has tried all possible diets, she is now turning 40 and the body she dreamt off is not happening. With an important wedding coming up in the family she has a few months at hand to get in perfect shape.Amid a frenzy of weight control fads and diets; Zoie struggles every day to hit the gym and try out quick weight loss regimes as she jumps from one diet bandwagon to another. Surprisingly, all her efforts go unnoticed by the people around her. In her journey to attain the perfect body, she realizes that there are many issues pertaining to body shaming, stereotyping and social pressures faced by women - not only in her part of the world but globally as well. Her own weight battle makes Zoie empathize with many around her who are silent sufferers and need a little nudge of support. After much effort Zoie finally finds the perfect regime; little did she know that it was never about the food she ate?

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