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Moni Mohsin
ISBN # : 9786277626051
Publisher: Liberty Publishing
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The Social Butterfly is back with her signature wingbeat. The world may have moved with a rattling pace since her last outing but the lifestyles of Lahore's literati, Dubai's glitterati and London's desi flutterati have more than kept pace. Earth-shattering events like wars, climate change, and the pandemic have nothing on the treachery of the maalish waali, Meghan Markle's tiara and the mechanics of 'sad make-up'. Spanning eight rollicking years from 2014 to 2021, Butterfly's frank, funny diaries tell us how it is in the private lives of the haves and have-mores. Scandalously colourful and uniquely desi, the latest instalment of the butterfly is delish.

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