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Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto
ISBN # : 978-0710100757
Publisher: N/A
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Asif Dewani

How can a leader of his stature be so disillusioned? The changes that he was proposing for East Pakistan to address their grievances were never adopted in West Pakistan during his or his party's rule. Are the realities of poverty, healthcare and education so different? while recognizing that Bengalis were deprived of their rights how can he absolve himself from the responsibility while putting entire blame on army? Though, army is to be blamed but he should equivocally have analyzed the role west Pakistani politicians including him played in the entire fiasco. If Mujib ultimately was, whatever they called him, a traitor - why did entire Bengali population vote for him? Were they all traitors? we just simplified it because of our love for over simplification by stating that they were under the influence of Hindus. Tagore was their influence. Many of the teachers, intellectuals and thinkers were Hindus - if that was the concern why did central government allowed this to happen? Why did central government run that party of the country for 23 years without addressing the weakness that all of sudden became so overwhelming? This book does not address any questions it only clarifies Bhutto's position in this ordeal. But that clarification is not sufficient neither bought. Hindsight is a lovely thing but politicians and leaders are responsible to see through the changes taking place in real time but our leaders at both the wings failed to fulfill their responsibility. Everyone had something to safeguard but that was not Pakistan.

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