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Gordon Dryden
ISBN # : 9781929284009
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World record sales! 7.5 million copies sold in China in 25. That makes it by far the world's biggest selling books, outside the Bible, for 1999! This new edition, now available in America, is completely revised and tells the story of the learning revolution that is need to match the revolution in communications and technology.
It presents the world's best research on how every one of us, at any age, can make that revolution happen now. And it tells it in a language that is as easy to read as The Reader's Digest.

Among the topics covered:
* How to learn anything much faster, better and more easily.
* How to read four books a day and remember what you read.
* How to learn the basics of a new language in 8 weeks.
* How to bridge a 5 year reading gap in 10 weeks.
* How to read and write before starting school.
* How to make the most of your amazing brain.
* How to Mind Map your way to better grades.
* How to create successful, profitable ideas.
* How to use the world's best learning technology.

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