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Erin Arvedlund
ISBN # : 9781591842996
Publisher: Portfolio Hardcover
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The untold story of the Madoff scandal, by one of the first journalists to question his investment practices

Despite all the headlines about Bernard Madoff, he is still shrouded in mystery. How did he fool so many smart investors for so long? Who among his family and employees knew the truth?

The person best qualified to answer these questions is Erin Arvedlund. In early 2001, she was suspicious of the amazing returns of Madoff's hedge fund. Her subsequent article in Barron's could have prevented a lot of misery, had the SEC followed up.

Arvedlund presents a sweeping narrative of Madoff's career-from his youth in Queens, New York, to his early days working for his fatherin- law, and finally to infamy as the world's most notorious swindler.

Readers will be fascinated by Arvedlund's portrayal of Madoff, his empire, and all those who never considered that he might be too good to be true.

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