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Sulaiman Ahmad
ISBN # : 9789350095478
Publisher: Hachette Book Group
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Theres never a dull moment with Amar Aiyaar: master of mischief,perpetrator of pranks, con artist with a conscience, tricksterbeyond compare. As the loyal companion of Ameer Hamza, theillustrious warrior from Arabia, Amar bravely, and brazenly,defeatsevery trap and overcomes every challenge, standing up toking,sorcerer and commoner alike. Right from childhood its clear thatAmar, the son of a camel driver, is born to humble even emperorswith his audacity and sharp wit. As Hamzas army is magicked awayinto prison in Tilism-e-Hoshruba, the land of sorcery that stunsthe senses, it falls upon Amar to rescue them. Using his cunningand his blessed bag of tricks, Amar Aiyaar blazes his way throughthe most extraordinary adventures with aplomb. Of course,he neverignores a chance to add to his fortunes, with a greedy eyeon everypurse of gold. At once roguish and honourable, superhero andvillain, Amar Aiyaar is one of the most colourful charactersintraditional storytelling in India. In the age-old great dastan ofTilism-e-Hoshruba, his is one of the most exciting andunforgettable stories of all time.
About the Author: Sulaiman Ahmad
Sulaiman Ahmad has a Masters degree in English literature and aclassical education in Urdu-Persian. He has spent four decades inbanking in India and overseas. His retelling of theTilism-e-Hoshruba story is based on Hafeez Jalandharis shortversion of the epic for children.

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