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Roland Howard
ISBN # : 9780006281740
Publisher: HarperCollins
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An exploration of what happens when the sophisticated comparison shopper goes searching for God. In this light-hearted book, Roland Howard is on a quest for a spirituality strong enough to cope with our cynical post-modern consumer culture. On the way, he has undertaken to guide us through the multitude of religious possibilities, from the weird to the ridiculous. Some search for truth in the rural lifestyle, some even live completely isolated from the modern world. Others simply serve the community, working to save the homeless and the lost, as the faithful have always done. There are even those who embrace the modern world, seeking God in cyberspace and in rave clubs with a different focus. Howard explores them all, with one eye on the experiences of their members, and one eye on the way they have influenced each other. Can we "pick and mix" our path to spirituality, or do some religious values still stand out as significant for humankind? The conclusion could be accepted by open minded Christians, as it simply lists the qualities that the seeker might wish to match against a religion or church

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