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Shandana Minhas
ISBN # : 9789350098295
Publisher: Hachette Book Group
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To save the most important things in the world, you have to first find out what they are... Tip No. 1: Believe it or not a camping trip is the best place to start especially if it has: Changez, 12 (Tip No. 2: Think constable in the lunatic police) Timmy, 10 (Tip No. 3: Think capuchin-monkey-brained snotasaurus) A mud volcano (Tip No. 4: Yes, it can erupt!) Saw-toothed crocs (Tip No. 5: The animals, not the shoes) A snippy sparrow (Tip No. 6: Small is BIG) The last Ursus thibetanus (Tip No. 7: Think large, furry and walking towards you!) A herd of hyper-herbivorous Baluchitheria (Tip No. 8: Don't think... RUN! ) One poetic Markhor (Tip No. 9: Yup, get the earplugs) A Protoliterodragon (Tip no. 10: It may go from bad to verse! ) Vegetarian Velociraptors (Tip No. 11: Be glad you are not green) And as always... Assorted pesky humans, including angry soldiers and heartless rogues (Tip No. 12: Think the most dangerous animal on earth...) Got the idea? Here's a story that tells you what on earth is really happening... If you are a clever Smartosapiens Survival Tips for Lunatics is the mad, mad handbook for you to make sense of the world and where it is going, besides round and round!

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