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Tony Buzan
ISBN # : 9780330302623
Publisher: Pan Books
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Your brain is like a sleeping giant - its potential is far greater than was generally imagined. Even the commonly heard statement that on average we use only one per cent of our brains may well be an overestimation. Tony Buzan, the leading expert in the field, sets out to help you develop that astounding untapped potential. Essential reading for anyone keen to learn, read, memorize and think more efficiently, this classic bestseller explains clearly how your brain works and how to maximize its unrealized power.

Memoryyour basic capacity, as well as your special abilities for retaining facts, names, faces

Listeningthrough the selection of key phrases that help you to retain what has been said

Seeingyour eyes ability to see more clearly, analytically, extensively, quickly

Logicthe ten basic areas of logical thinking that will improve analysis and judgment

Numerical Abilitywith simple techniques for handling complex addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division within seconds

Packed with fascinating information, this book details the latest discoveries about the different mental functions of the left and right sides and the upper and lower portions of the brain; speed reading and note-taking techniques; special memory systems; and it provides self-improvement exercises, self-checks, and diagrams to help you understand the concepts and apply them to everyday use.

Make the Most of Your Mind, then, is an indispensable guide for anyone who wants to rouse the sleeping giant of his or her brain to think, learn, read and memorize more efficiently.

Tony Buzan, psychologist, educator, and poet, is the author of many books on the brain and its functions. He is also the founder of the Learning Method Groups that are given worldwide. He lives in Great Britain.

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