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Ken Follett
ISBN # : 9781509862337
Publisher: Pan Books
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The Key to Rebecca is a gripping thriller set during the Second World War, from the number one bestseller and author of The Pillars of the Earth, Ken Follett.

A Ruthless Spy

1942. Alex Wolffs goal is Cairo. Following a relentless trek across the scorching Sahara, he arrives in the city with a copy of Daphne du Mauriers Rebecca, a lethal blade and a trail of bodies in his wake. Known to his handlers as the Sphinx, Wolff is a Nazi spy with a brutal desire to succeed.

A Failing Campaign

The British campaign in North Africa hangs in the balance. Led by Rommel, the Germans are closing in and the Sphinxs reports on British troop movements and strategic plans are giving them the edge. Intelligence officer Major William Vandam is tasked with hunting down the Sphinx before the British are defeated.

A Deadly Chase

Vandam enlists the help of courtesan Elene Fontana, who agrees to try and ensnare the spy in exchange for a better life in Palestine. Can they catch the master spy before he uncovers Cairos secrets and the campaign fails?

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