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Zain Saeed
ISBN # : 9789698729769
Publisher: Liberty Publishing
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It is 2007, and Karachi is thrumming with possibility for childhood friends Jogi and Billoo. They spend their days and nights in a euphoric haze of work, conversation, and laughter, unmoved by the trouble that seems to be brewing in parts of the city. The General and the Judge are at a political standoff, and there is a marked sense of unease in the air. But the woes of Karachi soon begin to encroach on their lives, as an incident after a party leaves the two friends shell-shocked, and puts them on divergent paths. Billoo becomes obsessed with the fight for justice and activism, while Jogi begins to dream of an immediate escape from the city. Along with Natasha - a photographer desperate to find meaning and utility in her art - they navigate the chaos of that year, as riots, explosions, assassinations, and torrential rains challenge their relationship with the city and with each other. Based on true events, The Year of Sound and Heat is a love letter to Karachi in one of its most violent years, as well as a rumination on activism, belonging, and the suppressed trauma of the people of the city, struggling and always failing to call another place Home.

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